Artist Statement

This video is a trailer for the fictional horror film “Evangeline”. It follows a young, female character through her struggles with depression caused by a lack of closure on past events. In the piece, the audience can see the ghosts in Evangeline’s head, which have a real-world effect on her physical being and her life.

At first we see an establishing shot of the house and some objects from the characters’ room, before we then see her struggling to get to sleep. In a later scene, we see her running to her car and driving away down dark country roads before a ghost appears behind her and attempts to strangle her. She looses control of the car and crashes. We then see the titles, before another scene of her in the shower where she screams and reaches her hands out at the curtains.

Many characteristics of the horror genre have been used here in order to clearly imply danger, including adding distortion, eerie music, strange camera angles (e.g. under the bed) and fast-paced cutting between shots during high-action scenes. These techniques unsettle the audience and create suspense, which is what I set out to do. It’s also particularly unique as these ghosts represent Evangeline’s depression and they only affect her because they exist within her thoughts, whereas in most supernatural films the ghost would affect all characters.
This work compares depression to the supernatural in order to create a piece which provokes an emotional response with the strong message that someone’s mental health can have a huge effect on their physical being and their performance.

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