Artist Statement

This animation, titled “Red Revenge”, is an adaption of the well-known fairy-tale “The Three Little Pigs”. The story starts out with the three pigs, Ed & Fred the twins, and Ted the younger brother and protagonist of the story. The pigs are working for a drug cartel headed by Roark the wolf, the antagonist. After Roark is unable to pay the pigs for their work, the twins confront him, which results in them being shot and Ted being fired. As the story evolves, we witness Ted turn from a coward into a hero who takes revenge on Roark. We’re also introduced to Rosie, a disguised Red Riding Hood, who works with Ted to take revenge on Roark.

Whilst developing this animation different plots, characters and genres were explored. Action genre and cartoon style were explored deeply in particular. The goal was to produce a short action clip which uses cartoon techniques, in terms of both visuals and audio, to create an original piece. This shows in the final piece, which clearly conveys a fast-paced, dramatic narrative in the form of comic drawings and audio which could be recognised as humorous and exaggerated. It’s arguable that this makes the piece distinguishable from others.

It can also be argued that this piece achieves the specifications set out in the brief, as “Red Revenge” features a clear, coherently structured adaption of “The Three Little Pigs”. By exploring a mix of action genre techniques and cartoon styles, as well as the inclusion of well known fairy-tale character “Red Riding Hood” this piece is arguably very original. This was achievable via background research and brainstorming sessions.

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